Our Process

Blue Smoke Consulting provides solutions to CEOs who are frustrated with an inconsistent sales organization, and want to fix it once and for all.


Our proven process has four steps, and the solutions are unique to your company’s challenges and objectives.

We present the missing data to understanding the sales force and guide the CEO to a sales strategy that is alignment with the company’s growth strategy.  The CEO can demonstrate to the Board, investors and stakeholders results that exceed expectations.

Your solutions are developed based on the findings from our process.

The Process:  Evaluation. Alignment. Development.

 Evaluation: Identify the strengths, weaknesses and the hidden weaknesses that nullify many of the team’s strengths.  The analysis and findings identify the road to consistent revenue growth.

 Alignment: Configure Sales Activities to attain Sales Objectives that achieve the required revenue goals.

 Development: The typical engagement involves adjusting behaviors, improving skills and coaching within five buckets:
Sales People.  Sales Managers. Processes & Technology. Sales Hiring.  Sales Leadership.


Positive Accountability

We bring positive accountability and a process to sales management.  Our approach drives sales activities that are effective because we align the goals of the sales people with those of the company.  Alignment and agreement of the sales people’s activities must match the company goals.

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