Our Process

We work with growth minded CEOs & Business Owners who are frustrated that their sales organization is not effective enough to reach the company’s growth objectives and they don’t understand why.


Transformational Sales Development Results

Transformational means on average 37% revenue growth in 12 months using the SalesStar platform.  Transformational also includes developing sales leadership & managers to maintain a sales culture of success.

It’s so much more than just sales training

Unlike sales training companies, SalesStar uses a proven methodology based on scientific research that delivers highly predictive solutions to achieve exceptional sales results for your business.

Typical Client Profile

  • B2B revenue $7 to 75 million
  • A Complex Sale of a Product, Software or Service
  • Selling Direct or through a Distribution Model
  • Sales Team 5 to 50 that are Geographically Dispersed

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Stressed About Inconsistent Sales Results?


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