Everyone wants to be liked.  However, when a salesperson needs their prospect or customer to like them, this causes problems.

We are able to look “under the hood” with salespeople & sales managers to find the hidden weaknesses in salespeople.  The best practice is to do this before you hire them.  

We also do this for existing sales organizations.  Often the CEO and Sales Leaders want better information to make decisions.  We answer questions like:  Can our sales team be more effective?

Our answers come in the form of Findings on the team & the organization.  The Findings from our evaluations provide the WHY.  Leadership will know why that salesperson sounded so good in an interview, but fails at finding and closing new business.


There is a cascading effect of trouble when a salesperson Needs the Approval of their prospects and customers.  As the only Objective Management Group Certified Partner in Michigan, we have access to amazing tools and data.  We can answer the questions that are top of mind of Leadership.

For example, the graphic below shows a Hidden Weakness that most salespeople have.  The issue is: Does their need to be liked by prospects greater than their need to win?

The graphic above shows all of the competencies that are effected by the salesperson’s need for approval and when you add this all up…the devastating effect on their performance.  Salespeople cannot ask the right questions to get to the prospect’s real problems. Hence, they cannot effectively offer value and your solution.

A picture is worth a thousand words. 


  • Are you screen for this weakness when you hire new salespeople? 
  • How many of your current salespeople are under-performing because of their need to be liked by prospects?



If you would like more data, and best practices, check out this link.

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