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Our mission at Blue Smoke Consulting is to help business owners and CEOs create world class sales teams.  We accomplish this by providing more value than an executive anticipates from a business partner.  This begins before you become a client. 

This page will be updated regularly with blog articles and free tools to help the business owner.

Our business model is to provide Fractional Sales Management and Coaching for Sales Leaders –  what we call a Do It For You model.  We are consistently listening to the market and developing workshops and webinar training that will allow us to offer more DIY training and Do It With You models.

Send us an email with your unique situation or scenario as to what you might need; maybe we can create a unique solution for you!


It costs a lot money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. How much have your ghosts cost your company?
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How effective is your sales force? Answer this short survey and get immediate results!

How to Avoid Mistakes Hiring Salespeople

Blue Smoke Consulting Sales Blog

DIY Sales Hiring for Business Owners and Sales Leader

I wanted to share a hiring methodology for Salespeople that CEOs, VP of Sales and Business Owners can administer themselves.  The goal is for companies to hire better sales reps, reduce churn, and save time, but to do the basics yourself. We offer a complete sales...

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Who is Coaching Your Sales Managers?

Businesses have managers because there is a return on investment in managing the process, regardless of the department.  Chaos would ensue where it not for management. Most department managers have a common language, set of standards, principles and Laws. Accounting,...

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Why Salespeople with Happy Ears = Weak Sales

Weak salespeople have what we call Happy Ears.Weak salespeople have what we call Happy Ears.  At the first positive words that come from their prospect they get excited and sound like Sally Fields at the Academy Awards in 1985, “you really like me!” (in case you are...

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A CEO’s Story of Change

Once upon a time...Once upon a time in the Land of Manufacturing worked a CEO, Charlie Wilson. He as the CEO of Big Blue Widgets.  The most successful Widget maker in all the Land. Charlie worked hard developing a strong brand that represented the highest quality...

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Tell Me How You Create Value in 30 Seconds

Memory Lane:My first sales job after college was in Commercial Real Estate in the borough of Manhattan; specifically, Midtown.  The on-boarding process was: “there is a desk and phone over there, grab that chair and go canvass 705 Third Avenue.  Come see me tonight at...

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The 4 Differences from Elite Salespeople and the rest.

Occasionally a CEO asks us: what differentiates the top salespeople from the bottom salespeople?If I was a typical underperforming salesperson, I would answer the CEO’s question quickly and proudly with something like this:  There are 4 competencies that differentiate...

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A Look into “Salesenomics – The Born to Sell Myth”

I recently read a blog post by Dave Kurlan & John Pattison from our partners at Objective Management Group called Salesenomics The Born to Sell Myth.  You can find a link to the post here, but here are several excerpts that I would like to use a reference to my...

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Dilemma: CEO and the Sales Force

This video is less than 10 minutes and describes the dilemma a CEO has when trying to understand the underlying problems associated with their sales organization and what to do about it.   Play video by clicking HERE.   This will help if you don't have sales...

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