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Our mission at Blue Smoke Consulting is to help business owners and CEOs create world class sales teams.  We accomplish this by providing more value than an executive anticipates from a business partner.  This begins before you become a client.  This page will be updated regularly with blog articles and free tools to help the business owner educate themselves who have a DIY mindset.


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How to Avoid Mistakes Hiring Salespeople

Dilemma: CEO and the Sales Force

This video is less than 10 minutes and describes the dilemma a CEO has when trying to understand the underlying problems associated with their sales organization and what to do about it.   Play video by clicking HERE.   This will help if you don't have sales...

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Need to be Liked in Sales Kills Effectiveness

Everyone wants to be liked.  However, when a salesperson needs their prospect or customer to like them, this causes problems. We are able to look “under the hood” with salespeople & sales managers to find the hidden weaknesses in salespeople.  The best practice is...

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Hiring Salespeople Require an Advantage

Hiring salespeople in this economy is very difficult, and in most economies.   Very few salespeople are actively seeking a new position currently. It is even more important to get it right. You need an advantage. The advantage is the @Objective Management Group sales...

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Guest Post – Frank Niekamp

A friend of mine and fellow SalesQBer who is based near Columbus, OH - Frank Niekamp - wrote a blog post a bit ago.  I had a chance to read it and wanted to share his ideas with you.  He gave me permission to link up to his site. The topic is using technology to...

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6 Types of Consultative Selling Questions

Everyone understands that every salesperson should be selling consultatively; selling consultatively means asking questions.  Objective Management Group data notes that only 35% of salespeople have the Consultative Selling competency as a strength.  The percentage is...

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What the Hell is a Fractional Service Provider?

Small and Mid-Market companies are looking for advantages to gain new skill sets, reduce costs and grow revenue.  Fractional Service Providers are growing in number because of the growing need in variety of situations: the Funded Start-Up Company, the Company with a...

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How Selective Are You When Hiring Salespeople?

The ugly truth is most companies are not as selective about who the bring into the sales organization as they believe.  Pressure to perform can cause hiring managers to be hasty and reckless. The fact is that it is difficult to find the right fit.    The role...

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No Solution, No Sale?

This quote is from Seth Godin’s blog:  “If there is no solution, then it’s not a problem.”  Seth always makes me think and ponder his words.  Seriously, you should subscribe. This quote reminds me of a concept that I frequently discuss with salespeople.  It often...

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3 Tips to Hire Better Salespeople

Hiring anyone in an Economy with less than 4% unemployment is a challenge.  Hiring Salespeople in an Economy and using a hiring process that has not had success in the past is like beating a dead horse.  It also will: Kill the bottom line Increase the speed of the...

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Five Roles within the Role of a Sales Leader

I was discussing career choices with my 16-year-old daughter the other day.  Since pre-school she has been very clear.  Veterinarian, specifically an Equine Vet.  She owns a horse is a Hunter/Jumper equestrian.  She works very hard at the barn and believes it is...

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We Need Your Help!

Our business model is to provide Fractional Sales Management and Coaching for Sales Leaders –  what we call a Do It For You model.  We are consistently listening to the market and developing workshops and webinar training that will allow us to offer more DIY training and Do It With You models.

Send us an email with your unique situation or scenario as to what you might need; maybe we can create a unique solution for you!