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Blue Smoke Consulting is a certified partner and local distributor of OMG’s scientifically validated sales-specific hiring assessments and sales force evaluations. OMG is the only sales-specific suite of assessments that have been tested and validated on almost two million salespeople and sales leaders around the globe. These tools have helped companies eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes.

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SALESSTAR’s unique online platform offers a complete coaching methodology. As a SALESTAR Partner we have a best in class coaching & development platform for Sales Managers and Salespeople. Sales Managers need support to managing and coaching their sales team-we can deliver.  Salespeople need coaching & accountability-we coach your sales managers to use our platform to transform your sales team. 

We are ideally suited for a growth minded CEO who has a sales organization that is spread out across the United States; and internationally. Our program fits into the weekly & monthly revenue producing activities of the sales team.  We transform the sales organization for the long term by teaching your Sales Managers to create accountability, coach for performance and pipeline management.

Membrain is a complete sales effectiveness platform that can replace, or plug into your existing CRM. It enables you to develop a milestone-based, informative, and actionable sales process and methodology. Once in use, it sits at the center of the salesperson’s daily workflow, identifying and guiding winning behaviors, providing sales-enabling content, encouraging coaching, and delivering reliable forecasts based on milestone progressions.

We provide Fractional Sales Management for business owners who have small sales teams and cannot leverage a highly skilled full-time sales manager. In a fraction of the time and cost, we build the structure for accountability through a strong sales process.  Salespeople receive the coaching and support they need.  Business Owners receive a 15% jump in revenue.

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