Your Sales Team can be More Effective

Stressed because revenue forecasts are inconsistent
or missed sales objectives?

Perhaps are you feeling pressured to grow sales, but not sure how? 

This One Page Sales Plan will make it easy to grow sales without feeling stressed and frustrated.

Sales Plan

Walter Crosby

President, Blue Smoke Consulting

Each month I speak to business owners and CEOs of mid-market B2B companies about their sales teams. The common themes are: the CEO is frustrated because they believe their sales teams could be more effective; concerned that their sales managers are unable to hold the sales team accountable; and sometimes the CEOs just don’t understand why the sales people continuously discount prices when the business owner knows they have a superior product. So, Fractional Sales Management might be a solution with these issues.

We guide business owners and CEOs through Blue Smoke Consulting’s proven process to fix the sales organization, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

We support the leader’s vision & goals by working directly with the sales organization to ensure a legacy of success.

Our process establishes an execution ready plan to generate ROI.

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